Thursday, November 13, 2008

> get happy or die tryin'

am i happy?
if you’ve read here for a while you may not think so,.....but the fact is that i am.
it doesn’t mean that i don’t long for things or that i don’t feel bad sometimes. i choose to work out some of my angst here. that’s what a personal journal is for, yes? as what they always said sharing a burden with others lightens the load..

but happy i am.....i am comfortable with myself, i know i am blessed in many ways and i am grateful for a life without a lot of drama. but we, people always want more. i suppose that’s the part of intelligence that makes us unhappy...we know there’s more and we want it....never enough.

next year i will be 41. and in the past month or so i have been beginning to see myself differently. more like a grown-up- or more than that?- and i’m not sure how i feel about that.....i still want to be silly, i still want to play, i still want to be irresponsible sometimes, i still want to wear those ripped and torn fadded jeans....astro-boy t's, sneakers, read comics, anime gig etc... but now i wonder how it looks on me. people's perception of me... i'm curious if their perception matches my own sense of reality...but i guess i really dont want to know what people think of me...and i don’t think i am as concerned about what other people think about me as much as care what i think about myself ...

but sometimes i feel that the one who has the most inaccurate, skewed view of who i am — is myself. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. tau takpe...
    muka hang mcm 21++ je. perangai mcm 11++ je. thats why we like u even more. can stand a grown up grown up. no fun lah.. lets be silly n happy. mwahh!!

  2. typo - can: shud be can't. cikgu inggeris marah satgi..

  3. if you look too old for your jeans yang nampak butt crack tu, I will definitely tell you beb...for now, have fun go mad.


  4. rul, cikgu inggeris tu cenge tau..
    bila nak Wii lagi ni..

    beb, hahaha very funny...i'm the president of the random-butt-crack society ok..dont pray-pray

  5. batrisya can call you abang komar bila dia main masak masak nanti ok

  6. faiz, good idea..hahahaha lama tk jumpa dia la...

  7. Hey, this's Minh, ur student! Why're u so sad? It's not my teacher. Be happy! :D

  8. Please la die trying to update this blog, bro :P