Saturday, March 13, 2010

> this is it

when i first start seeing someone, life is good. everything is new and exciting and i can't get enough her....when the phone rings, i pray it is her asking me out for another date. after a few month, the questions start pouring in from my close friends. 'so what's next? ' 'are you guys together-together or are ya'll just together?' one thought lurks in my mind from dates thereon: ' are we a couple?' but how to define myself as a couple? we are not young anymore so the whole 'do you like me?' check yes or no,' -  note will not work anymore.......and as time goes by, the relationship become more complicated ................and 'becoming official' is one of them...
things have been going great for a past few weeks and i feel there may be some kind of romantic connection, may be this is the right time for me express those feelings to her. but this is the tricky part...... i may not be feeling
her with the same intensity or may really like her but afraid to get serious.......i have to figure this out by the rate of which the relationship is going. i need to make a decision on where the relationship is

> yawn x six

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