Friday, January 23, 2009


sometimes i tell myself that i am truly awesome. and on occasion that little voice in the back of my head doesn’t disagree. those are the really good days.

then there are the other days.

those are the days when my curly-spunky hair won’t stay put, no matter how many kilos of hair-clay i use, the days when that stupid piece of nasal-hair insists on going in the opposite direction of where i put it, the days when an insignificant jerawat magically shifted to the prime area, and claim to be the president of my face, dont ask me how it happen, but it happened...the days when i were asked for my full name; nama punuh encek.... ' kumar a/l ( son of ) ?? after an hour long phone conversation, the days when i'm on shopping thrills, but failling to buy anything because the collection is out of size G!and the days when i'm so uncomfortable with my unwanted 'spare tyres' after a nip/tuck mini-marathon i want to curl up in my day-bed and reminiscing the good-happy days.

but most days are in between. i’m fine with not being perfect, but not feeling so imperfect as not to be fine. if that makes any sense.

right now i’m sitting here trying to decide what the point of this post is and failing miserably. and i’m ok with that. an in-between day. a real day, i think. because life usually ends up being a mix, good and bad, happy and sad, sublime and ridiculous all at once- right?