Friday, May 16, 2008

> eat-sleep-eat-sleep

< if only it was as easy to banish hunger by rubbing the belly as it is to masturbate >

check this place out..., it was recommended by local colleague when i asked for a place ' which serves good local where the locals go to ',.... choices of food that is neither adulterated for the foreign palette nor priced for the tourist wallet - in another word 'cheap'.

so....he took me to this nice place,set up in a very attractive colonial villa, surrounded by many little kitchens !( yes, surrounded ok... ), with plenty of plants and ignore what you cant eat & enjoy the rest if you know what i mean...
desert? superbly de-li-cious...but fat-ten-ing...

the owner, purportedly a savvy viet kieu (overseas vietnamese), had a superb idea-scour the streets, find the best dishes out there, the best street chefs cooking those dishes, offer them a gig at a new restaurant and a regular, reliable wage.

bingo! its a succes. gotta queue to get a seat!

how nice if such place exist in kl, an old villa surrounded with pasar-malam style-stalls sell delicious best-food from each state with pasar-malam price!!!...hahahaha dream on...

great place to experience street-styled food in a relaxed and hygienic environment. diffused lighting and green plants makes an idyllic setting, transporting us away from the madness of saigon's traffic.

best to sit outside in courtyard area, feels like you're eating in a market....errr hygienic environment market ya, you can go around and watch the scores of chefs cooking.....if you are 'kiasu' like the singaporean...

get a sanitized sense of street eats without having to actually step foot in the gutter themselves - god forbid

my ' local colleague ' shows how the vietnamese eat vietnamese roll in vietnamese style. put everything on rice paper & roooooolll it to your mouth...


  1. do u think the rice paper is nice?I think its kind of "keras" and i just "roooollll" whatever "rumputs"(sayuran2x hijau ) as the local shown me ..and by the time 'AAAAaaaa'bukak mulots, it went all over the table..hahaha.

  2. nora,
    hahahaha like me at first time, time u should try the soft rice wrapper la, 'keras'one not so nice....
    lucky my 'rumputs' was ok,i had fresh basils...was it thai?,banana,mint leaves, cilantro & leaves lettuce i think la...mix with peeled shrimp...sedap tau..

    hv u been to this place?

  3. rain..
    yeah...i think its healthy choice lah eating those fresh rabit food..despite me couldn't eat it properly..
    I went to Saigon last months..err..Ho chi minh ( but i lurveeee to call that city as SAIGON!!hik.)..

    will visit again definetely!

  4. hmm..the place looks 'delicious' and of coz the food too...where is it again?

  5. neomesuff,kedainya kat saigon... i mkn yg mentah2 ja,yg goreng tu ada was2 sket hahahaha

  6. da hensem one la u!!!i'll be yr fan by visiting yr blog more frequently.