Thursday, May 29, 2008

> damn sexy-box

my compaq is dying fast,it had a good run, 3 good years without a problem, and boy have i put it thorough its paces ,Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects,3D StudioMAX,AutoCAD etc.... i'd like to fix it, because it's still a great machine...., but even if i could magically repair or upgrade it now, i've been thinking for over a year that it is just not powerful enough anymore....sad hah...

the good news gives me a great excuse to buy a MacBook Pro! great excuse? did i just said ' great excuse?'
hah!big liar!!!!the truth is i've been waiting for intel Mac with genius bootcamp to hits shelves since's the best of both worlds for me as i'm tied to using a PC for AutoCAD & 3d StudioMAX but love the Mac for everything else..... If my usual CAD program proven ran smoothly on an Intel Mac, then i would definitely want to get 'this sexy box', yea! yea!.....can't wait lah, but the new stocks will only arrive by end of june!

how now brown cow..??


  1. welcome to the family!!



  2. kebun,
    azairin takde stock...must wait...then he said my program is too big for mbp ...laaaaa..tak nak caya boleh?

    neome, yezzzzzaaa...;)

  3. sexy boxes are usually owned by sexy owners.... cepat la Komar, hang kan sexy!!!!!! BELI.....

  4. aiz, mcm hg ek ;),...kita dok tgh tunggu stock baru sampai ni..