Wednesday, April 9, 2008

> inside-me

< i'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in and stops my mind from wandering where it will go >.
the beatles > john lennon, paul mc'cartney

today i'd decided to share my random thoughts that pretty much describes my mind at any given moment........

boyfriend's shirt on women are sexy
is true love really exist?
why love is painful?
why i still believe in love when it broke my heart many times?

boxer-briefs on women are hot.
why i like a short-haired women?
oh no...i'm still wearing xl size!

why can i never find what i'm looking for unless i'm not looking for it?
the depth of my sarcasm is unknown even to me.
i hate it when i dream that i'm struggling to wake up.

why are the only women telling me how wonderful i am the ones who are unavailable?

is there anything good on tv anymore?
why i miss them when i hate them.
do i need therapy test?
why are them richer than me?

is annoying to know that less than 5 percent of the U.S. news is about international issues < accept iraq, which of course is a wholly American international issue >
why giant percentage of americans don't own a passport!!

i'm much prefer mamak's mee goreng!

hello the opposition! why i'm still paying toll driving up to the north???
hello mister, blaming others is not an easy way out!


  1. mine are all briefs but why dun i feel hot???????
    yeah, i also dunno the depth of ur sarcasm.... tak lah, i never tell u that u r wonderful...

    rm, gosh!!!!! u r so darn bl**dy derama!!!!!

  2. And why do 7-11 stores have doors and locks when they are open 24/7/365?

  3. when i wear men's shirts i look 10 kgs heavier. how can that be sexy?

    kau ni kmr.. byk sangat tengok TV.

  4. u r hot in briefs, ask me or din k...

    tu la,bila nk puji i nih..
    aiz, my derama is only 1/3 of yours ja tau hahaha

  5. sd, ur right!& it became my problem now hahahaha

    jz, 10kgs extra? thats the best of it la...ask john...errr but nothing on u accept shirt ok..

    best to see men's shirt on jennifer aniston heee heee!

  6. rm, make up yr mind boleh tak? misha ke? jessica alba ke jennifer aniston???? gatal lah.... oh ye tak ye... life begins at 40 kan... hehehe.

  7. woi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cepat la introduce rm kat snow white sebelum dia bercinta dgn snow black!!!!
    wicked witch!!!! cepat lah asyik hard on je!!!!

  8. aiz,
    snowblack is nice to me, what can i say lor..kita org timur, tak boleh sombong dgn org maaa...

    ya la wicked witch ni...asyik hard on je.....

  9. Satu lagi...why are things transported by ships called CARGO whereas those transported by road are called SHIPMENT?

    Itu hard-on is Wicked Witch punya Magic Wand. LOL!

  10. wicked witch, magic wand dah wat magic ke blum?

  11. 16 days and no new posting?

    Are you busy dating someone?

  12. satni satni saya update nooo, la ni do tgh SD mood hahahahaha