Thursday, March 31, 2011


finally managed to get back into my blog!!!!!!!!!


  1. Dah 5 bulann sejak masuk tapi tak dak entry apa pun...hampeh

  2. Seademon said

    "Whether or not the Advisors were the real rulers of the Malay states, we must keep an open mind. Some may have spoken with condescending tone, some may have been more polite. Comments on history are often made by people who are emotionally-scarred, and may be biased as to how they see things, but history cannot be based on emotions – it must be based on facts."

    Zainal Keling bodoh and you have some shit in your head about european colonisation. How they must have love it when their subjects rejected that they were colonised just like slaves denied they were ever slaves.

    This is the hisghest art of colonising when the subject do not realised they were subordinates and accept their humiliating position with excuses . If Zainal Keling and you were around during British colonisation there would never have been any independence.

    For first to fight you must realised your humiliating position. Just like PAS who did not want independence because they said malays dont even know how to make needles. Just like Mahathir who said we need chinese because the malays dont know much and so have to give all business to chinese.

    Zainal Keling bodoh to come to the conclusion that independence was independence from Malay rulers must gladdened british hearts. See we taught the natives freedom.

    This is the same self serving stance of that chinese khoo Khay Kim. He was quoted in NST the same things but he used these to justify that it was the Malay Rulers then who had the power, who had brought the chinese coolies and so the Malay cannot blame the British. So the Chinese had the right to stay in Malaya.

    This is bullshit because in the first place the chinese never wanted to stay put in jungle malaya. Secondly the chinese wanted to be british subjects so that they can migrate to england.

    So now it is very convenient for Khoo to claim the Malay rulers were at fault for bringing the indian and chinese coolies!

    To add insult to injury this chinese claim that merdeka for us was merdeka from our Rulers who were suppressive! That is why we celebrate every 31st august.

    Disband the so called Professor Council. They have shit between their ears.

    Maharajalela was hanged by the British for fighting against British advisers. So was others.

    The fact is that to colonise a country it is better through their own native chiefs. You only have to hold the balls of the native Sultan so that the rest of the populace will be obdient.

    This is the tactics in all Christian European colonisation. Obviously it succeed until scum like you were thinking are we colonised or not. WTF!

    Zainal Keling Bodoh!