Tuesday, April 20, 2010

> hundred things

i am not a morning person.
my eyes are brown-warm gray.
i am right-handed.
i like tempe.
h2o, always h2o, not coffee.
black is my favorite color.
i cannot decide if i’m an optimist or a pessimist; i see both sides.
i am a liberal, and i’m ok with that.
i usually resist being what someone else thinks i should be.
i crave small routines, but generally hate doing things by rote.
i am fairly flexible...practically not physically
i love to eat.
i love myself, but sometimes i don’t like myself.
i’ve almost made peace with my body. almost.
i am very intuitive...very.
i believe in God and in faith
i dislike people in general, but love them individually.
i am like my father in many ways, but I am not him.
i am fiercely independent.
i’m much nicer that you would think i am by looking at me.
i am very honest, but know when to keep things to myself.
i hate talking on the phone, but i love talking in person.
i’m not easily impressed.
when i was younger i probably looked exactly like someone you know. now i just look like me.
i think the government should stay out of the bedroom and spend more time in the boardroom.
i like hanging out with my extended family; they are amazing.
i was raised by a single mother.
i was about 8-9 when my father passed away.
i have performed on the school talent-time, and i was good at it.
i like to surprise people.
i’m not nearly done yet.
i daydream. a lot.
someday i hope to open a restaurant...sell all sort of tempe.
someday i hope to write a novel...the story of my life.
i don’t worry about much.
i don’t scare easily - horror movie not-count
i don’t care what you think about me.
i care very much about what i think about me.
i am not a father, yet
i plan to get married at 42.
i don't eat rice, but i will someday.
i have one small flat, and plenty of furniture.
sometimes I want to run away from home.
i probably never will. at least not for long.
i am a hopeless romantic.
i’ve danced in the toilet or two in my time.
i miss playing rugby.
i’ve nearly stopped drinking soda water.
i have a bag fetish.
and a colonial antique fetish.
i am easily bored.
i eat gum on a regular basis.
i am shy.
i may not speak much when you first meet me; i’m getting a feel for you.
i sleep on my side facing in toward the bed when i am alone, but facing out if not.
i take most things in my stride.
i am the least judgemental person i know.
i’m more interested in ideas than what other people are doing in their lives.
i will never stop learning.
despite how it may appear, i am a generally happy person.
i have an incredible amount of patience for some things, and absolutely none for others.
i want to be better.
i accept my imperfection and, in some cases, embrace it.
i often wonder if i am difficult to love.
i know that i am easy to like...sometimes
i am vain, but i hide it in real life.
i am an excellent listener.
i know how to keep a secret.
i don’t get complimented a lot in real life.
so i get flustered when someone compliments me.
i like to flirt, but am afraid to because it causes too much trouble
i am very strong.
but I am very vulnerable too if you know where to hit.
i am blossoming, physically, spiritually and sexually.
sometimes i can be a real pain in the ass.
i’m half malay and half etc-etc.
i can roll my tongue many ways
i have a big nose.
my left ear is weird.
i have the famous trademark gap-teeth of madonna
but i am not proud of it.
i like egg, but hate anything egg-flavored.
i think vanilla is underrated.
i don’t know where i’m going but i’m on my way.
if i could purr when you scratch my back, i would.
i am my own best friend.
i am my own worse enemy.
i spend two or more hours on saturday morning pampering myself.
i can only eat fish at a restaurant. if i smell it cooking, i’m done.
even then it has to be meaty fish.
note to lurkers: i love getting comments.
i’m still not one of the popular kids.
i wonder why since i know many of the popular kids.
i am a jack of all trades, a master of none.
i can do anything as long as there are written directions. even brain surgery. i think....trust me!
i'll get migraine when stress.
i hardly stress.
i will not wear fluorescent color.
i will, however, wear prominent color, sometimes.
i could probably go on with this forever, but i’m done!


  1. Hang punya thought flow macam hang berak jugak

  2. Berak yang bertali-tali.. tak putuih putuih..
    Towards the end tu aku macam bila la nak abih ni... But I like... you wanna get married at 42. Congrats nyah.

  3. fikir pasal ni pun masa tengah berak bro...

    meen, lambat lagi tu...mak baru 25 tahun ni nyah...

  4. Aku teringat member aku...Abd Rahman Said nama dia...berhenti TUDM umoq 42 lagu hang...tak nikah pun lagi masa tu. Aku rasa macam dia tua sangat...sangat sangat...

    Tahun tu jugak dia menikah...dan dapat anak jantan sorang, dia gol.

    Hang pun 42 jugak tahun ni...hang balun cukup-cukup...sekali keluaq kena triplets...enam teruih pun tak pa...aku tengok kucin releks ja beranak 6

  5. tak pa bro....nak anak, boleh buat anak dulu..kawin nanti2 muahahahahaha

  6. Fuh.. nasib baik blog aku tak seteruk sawangnyer macam blog kau!